Managing IT Projects

5 (five) days


  • 19 – 23 April 2020
  • 23 – 27 August 2020

Novotel Deira City Centre Dubai, UAE or similar

As you are well aware of, Managing IT Projects requires a set of skills and techniques without which IT projects will fail. An increasing number of companies today use IT as part of its strategy to win the market, and to streamline its operation to optimize cost. This calls for transformation, merging or re-engineering of its business processes, building or fitting IT applications and infrastructure to support them. A project manager is required to manage the combined Business Transformation (BT) and IT project, to work out a plan, execute and meet its targeted scope, schedule and funding, and to produce sustainable results. This program will also provide the knowledge and skills to manage such projects.

At the end of the training, participants will acquire the knowledge and practical skills in the following areas :

  • Define the role of the IT project manager
  • Develop a results-driven project management team
  • Identify, interpret, and manage the real project requirements
  • Develop a focused project plan to manage IT projects
  • Estimate IT project costs and schedules using proven techniques
  • Find solutions to problems specifically related to IT projects

Through a critical linkage of leading-edge concepts and best practices, participants will acquire the knowledge & skills to effectively manage IT Projects. The topics covered will include:

Overview of IT Project Management

  • Definition and characteristics of IT project management
  • Common reasons why IT projects fail
  • Critical factors for IT project success
  • The IT project life cycle and the activities of each life cycle phase
  • Project processes common to all projects

Concept Phase

  • Selecting and funding IT projects
  • Identifying key project stakeholders
  • The purpose and content of an IT business case
  • Preparing a project charter

Requirements Phase

  • Identify and articulate customer requirements
  • Distinguishing between functional and technical requirements
  • Using different methods for gathering requirements
  • Developing a requirements traceability methodology

Planning Phase

  • Key components of the project plan and the planning process
  • Constructing a work breakdown structure showing all work components
  • Building a project schedule
  • Estimating duration, resources, and costs
  • Risk management planning and risk response planning
  • Subsidiary management plans including communications, procurement, and quality

Design Phase

  • Major activities of the preliminary and detailed design activities
  • Typical content of the technical specification document
  • Design techniques used in developing the technical solution
  • Make or buy decision methodology

Construction Phase

  • Developing a project team to build and deliver the product
  • Quality assurance activities, testing and audits
  • Assessing project performance
  • Developing and using a change request methodology
  • Developing risk response strategies

Delivery Phase

  • Key activities of the delivery phase
  • Four major product/system conversion strategies
  • Understand the “go-live” transition responsibilities of the project manager
  • Develop scope verification and customer acceptance strategies

A proper mix of short lectures, Q&A, sharing, discussions, individual & group exercises and case studies.


  • Newly appointed BT/IT project manager
  • People developed to be a BT/IT project manager
  • Experienced Project manager in other functional area, but new in BT/IT projects
  • Project administrators
  • Business Process Analysts, IT professionals
  • BT/ IT managers, CIO
  • End User managers or process owners who have a stake in the project
  • Those groomed for above positions


  • US$ 3750.- per person, net into our account
  • Including a certificate, refreshments, lunch, stationery and writing instruments

Registration closing date : 5 (five) weeks prior to the commencement date of the program.

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